Kam Ming is an authorised distributor and supplier of Donaldson FIlters in Malaysia. Discover our full line of Donaldson Filter products which includes air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, lube filters, transmission filters, air filter housing, air oil separator filters, crankcase ventilation filters, fuel water separator filters, water coolant filters, and more.
Contaminants can come in various forms of dust particles, metal debris, water droplets, air bubbles, and etc which can cause irreversible damage to your expensive equipment and components. While it is difficult to prevent equipment from exposure to contaminants, we can minimize it through multiple filtration systems offered from our Donaldson Filters.
Donaldson Filters are one of the leading filter manufacturers and the filters are widely used for different engines, generators, machineries, trucks, buses, and more. It is important to have a high quality filtration system as it is the best way to minimise equipment operating costs. Our variety of filters from Donaldson Filter covers a wide range of applications and industries like construction, mining, energy, and transportation. Kam Ming is also an authorised dealer and supplier for other brands of filters like Fleetguard filters and Wix filters.

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