Kam Ming is an authorised distributor and supplier of Fleetguard Filters in Malaysia. We cover a wide range of Fleetguard Filter products that includes fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, lube filters, transmission filters, crankcase ventilation filters, filter coolants and more.
Fleetguard Filters are considered to be the market leader in the filtration industry. Fleetguard has more than three decades of expertise and manufactures premium quality Fleetguard filters.All Fleetguard filters are made with high quality materials for durability and reliability.
Reduce engine wear, engine performance issues, and maintenance costs with Fleetguard filters. A good filter is able to minimize equipment, machineries, and engines exposure to dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Additionally, Fleetguard fuel filters can protect engines by filtering dirt and contaminants found in fuel. Kam Ming covers the full line of Fleetguard filter products that covers a wide range of industry and application like construction, energy, mining, and
transportation. Kam Ming is also an authorised distributor and supplier for other brands of filters like Donaldson filters and Wix filters.

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