Kam Ming is an authorised distributor and supplier of Wix Filters in Malaysia. We carry a wide range of Wix Filter products which includes water coolant filters, transmission filters, lube filters, hydraulic filters, fuel water separator, fuel filters, crankcase ventilation filters, air oil separator filters, air housing filters, air filters, and other filtration systems.
Wix Filters are the pioneers in the filter industry, specializing in oil and fuel filter systems. Wix Filters have become a standard throughout the world. Wix manufactures various types of oil filters from light duty oil filters to heavy duty oil filters. Their filter products are widely used in
different applications and industries, as well as different vehicles ranging from family sedans to megaton machineries.
Wix Filters provides a good protection against contaminants in fuel and oil in order to achieve higher performance on your generators, trucks, big rigs, excavators, machineries, engines, buses, and more. All Wix filters provided are high quality and genuine filters. Kam Ming is also an authorised distributor and supplier for other brands of filters like Fleetguard filters and Donaldson filters.

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